Connecting, sharing, and the awakening of creative confidence

MAKETANK Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation based in Ohio.  Our mission is to help people of all ages find confidence in their creativity, to facilitate skill-sharing, and to build community through innovative programming. MAKETANK was founded by and is currently directed by Kate Currie (sculptor, former Oxford city councilwoman) and Rod Northcutt (sculptor and assistant professor of sculpture at Miami University). Board members include Dr. Alysia Fischer (artist, former Oxford city councilwoman, and lecturer for American and World Studies), and Christina Miller (metalsmith/jeweler and director of Ethical Metalsmiths). We are artists, craftspeople, academics, and social and environmental activists, but first we were makers. Our name comes from this--a think-tank of makers.

Originally MAKETANK’s sole project (since 2011) was the administration of the Oxford Kinetics Festival (OKF), a day each April dedicated to celebrating and exploring art, science, innovation, and creativity in Oxford. We have since expanded into year-round programming by developing a series of STEM to STEAM educational Initiatives. Through this, we build and manage collaborations between Miami University faculty and students, regional professionals, and the teachers and students of the Talawanda School District. This programming supports our mission of community building, skill sharing, and confidence building, and is still tied to the festival--the OKF showcases the results of the collaborations in the form of performance, exhibition, or competition. MAKETANK also has a site for projects, interventions, meetings, and exhibitions of local creative work--this is MAKETANK Projects. Project funding comes from grants, awards, and donations. Some funding is provided by the partners we involve, such as departments and divisions at Miami University, the Talawanda - Miami Partnership, the Oxford Community Foundation, Oxford Community Arts Center, and the Oxford Visitors Bureau.  Additional funds come from local, state and national organizations like Artswave, Ohio Arts Council, and National Endowment for the Arts.