Rod Northcutt of  Howdy / Hej-hva så  preparing pancakes in Christiania, Denmark.

Rod Northcutt of Howdy / Hej-hva så preparing pancakes in Christiania, Denmark.

If you want to understand a fish bowl, you'd better not be a fish

Being a fictional character allows freedom of movement and exploration that just can't happen when i am myself. There can be real value to getting out of ones own skin, out of the "always/everyday" character. regardless of comfort, whenever I work in a "well worn path" of heuristic habit, I find it next to impossible to have fresh eyes. For me, in its best practice, art making is similar to fiction writing. Once a character realizes that her or she is fictional they are emancipated a from ostensible predetermination. 

Performative work requires a serious attitude and determined discipline. An effective performance is one in which viewers are coerced to suspend disbelief and which shakes them from expectations. This is a challenge, as many people ultimately want to do the opposite and peel apart layers to expose truth. With fiction, they can only see the truth when a performer breaks character. So when I take on a fiction, I commit.

In 2013 I focused on the topic of alternative and intentional communities and crafted unique living/learning events to research their organization and social systems.  Intentional communities are those that are formed around group social intent and they are based on an ideology that is shared, or at least one that overlaps. I designed multiple participatory, performative events that opened my eyes to the fascinating forms of intentional communities. They started in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada and ended in Copenhagen, Denmark, and culminated in the performance of Howdy/Hej-hva så?

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